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The electric utility industry is undertaking unprecedented capital expenditures for all aspects of the electric energy infrastructure in North America. Expenditures will exceed several hundred billions of dollars for new power plants; retrofits to existing power plants; and transmission and distributions systems additions and upgrades. The last major expenditures for the expansion to the electric energy infrastructure occurred during the 1980ís and 1990ís, and were accompanied with budget growth, schedule delays and unfavorable rate treatment for cost recovery. In addition, the number and level of participation by external stakeholders (financial market, environment, customer, regulatory, external audit) and internal stakeholders (Board, business entities, internal audit, financial, construction, operational functions) brought increased challenges. The resulting impact to individual electric utility included reduced financial health, increased customer rates and the curtailment of capital investments.

LogOn believes the evolution of current plans for new investments in plants and grid systems demands an approach to development and implementation plans incorporating lessons learned and careful management of the multitude of risks inherent to the complexity of electric infrastructure assets. We see our customers as the key electric utility stakeholders and organization and functions needed for a successful project. LogOn has assembled a comprehensive set of services that can be aligned with any needs required for a particular project or client need. Further, LogOn has assembled a unique team of professionals to deliver our services. Our professionals have extensive technical, project management, construction, project controls, licensing and regulatory capabilities as well as specific electric utility experience. In addition, the experience of several team members includes participation in several prudence cases of the 1980s and 1990s. Contact LogOn for a discussion of how we may assist your company.

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