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One of the fundamental aspects of the modern organization is the capability to nurture a learning culture. The continued development of employees is vital if companies are to change and adapt to client/consumer needs and new technology.

LogOn Consulting, Inc. (LogOn) believes that training is a process, not an event. The model below traces the steps used in working with a client to design, develop and implement the product:

  • Organizational objectives
  • Needs assessment
  • Is there a gap?
  • Training objectives
  • Select the trainees
  • Select the training methods and mode
  • Choose a means of evaluating
  • Administer training
  • Evaluate the training
Training Methods

There are two broad types of training available to businesses: on-the-job and off-the-job techniques. Individual circumstances and the "who," "what" and "why" of your training program determine which method to use. Traditional methods of skills-based learning rely heavily on face-to-face, classroom-style training. Although this method of training and development continues to be valuable, new technology and understanding call for additional and more cost effective ways to deliver information. We can design and deliver innovative learning solutions that produce the results you need. Highlights include:

  • Web-based platforms and computer-based training to convey rich content
  • On-line assessment and development that complement and supplement traditional training methods
  • Self-paced media-rich information, assessment, custom feedback and evaluation in an interactive setting, free from time and place constraints
Clear and consistent instructional design

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