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Project Assurance Program: LogOn will work with a client to design, develop and deploy a program aligned with the specific functions and conditions. The following services would be performed as part of the Project Assurance Program. The content of the program can include overall project strategies, project planning and development, engineering and design, site selection, licensing, construction, litigation/claims, rates and regulatory (including prudence verification) and on-going operations.

Risk Assessments/Management: LogOn offers complete set of risk assessment and management services needed for large complex projects. Our services reflect specific electric utility experience tuned to the evolving functions on various assets configuration as well as the accepted risk profile of an individual utility. Further, our approach incorporates the latest governance and internal controls demanded by all stakeholders.

Project Development: LogOn provides services in all aspects attendant to the development of a project. Our services are usually provided in an advisory format for such functions as contracting strategy, procurement processes, organizational capabilities, legal issues, project controls, construction accounting systems and related business processes. The services are provided as part of workbook of necessary actions to implement a solid project infrastructure.

Organizational Assessment and Development: LogOn offers services to determine the readiness of a particular organization and personnel to perform assigned duties. The capabilities of electric utility personnel to manage large, complex projects have diminished reflecting the modest or nearly non-existent capital asset additions of the last 5-12 years. Typically, a utility expecting to build a new power plant (for example) will need to know what capabilities exist for the required functions, current technology and controls, personnel count and experience and the best organizational structure.

Monitoring and Reporting: LogOn provides comprehensive services to support the on-going monitoring and reporting crucial to project management and oversight. These services are designed to support the entire lifecycle of a project whether measured in weeks, months or years. The monitoring and reporting regime is tailored to the particular requirement of the project and its stakeholders and management. Our services include the development of a project assurance manual to capture processes and related actions to monitor and report.

Project Close Out: LogOn provides services to support the complex closure process for projects. Our services include claims management, litigation support, project transitions and operational readiness. These services are designed to be integrated into the projectís evolution through to completion. All services are aligned to a particular clientís needs.

Prudence Support/Rate Recovery: LogOn provides services to support the management and execution of the steps to justify project expenditures and recover costs through the regulatory process. LogOn provides advisory services to support strategies consistent with regulatory requirements to demonstrate the prudence of project expenditures and actions. Our experienced personnel can establish the framework necessary to define and explain the actions of key project participants and the contemporaneous actions of management.

Operations Support: LogOn offers unique services to support the on-going operation of the installed asset or upgrade. The capital and operations and maintenance costs over the assetís lifetime can be many multiples of the original installation costs. LogOn has comprehensive services to support the life cycle of any particular asset. The services are derived from proven features scaled to operational setting. These services recognize the need to continue the oversight and need to recover all operational costs over the assets operating life.

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